Rustic Teak Console Table With Wine Rack

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Rustic Teak Console Table With Wine Rack... The simple and compact feel of our Rustic Teak Console Table makes it very attractive and a great addition to the home. Complete with a wine rack underneath, this console table is perfect for the ideal display in your home area! The black wash highlights the grain beautifully and also adds a bit of extra protection. Perfect for commercial and domestic buyers. Mortice and tenon joints are used and reinforced with teak dowels making it very robust. Plenty of storage options with the inclusion of a bottom shelf as well. With a very dense grain and high natural oil content, teak is supremely workable and naturally protected against the elements all year round. Handcrafted in teak reclaimed from old ox-carts, houses, etc making it an eco-friendly option. Dimensions:  Full height: 84cm Base height: 81cm Base length: 110cm Tabletop depth: 44.5cm Base depth: 35cm Tabletop length: 120cm Tabl

Our review of the Rustic Teak Console Table With Wine Rack

If you’ve been searching for something like this for a while, we think Rustic Teak Console Table With Wine Rack will tick most of your boxes.

If you are looking for this at a low to mid-range budget, we think the price of £499.99 is brilliant! Everyone we know is a big fan of The Garden Furniture Centre Ltd!

In addition we think it is worth noting that The Garden Furniture Centre Ltd have been fab with our items, no complaints from us!


Category: Root Catalog > Gfc Root Category > Conservatory
Measurements: 120cm
Shape: Round
Size: Compact

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