Young African American woman relaxing on a sofa at home.

Deciding on a new sofa can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to consider the size and style of the sofa, but you also have to think about the material, colour, and overall comfort. To help make the process a little easier, here are five tips on how to choose the perfect sofa:

1: Size & Space

Consider the size and layout of your space. Before shopping for a new sofa, measuring the space where the sofa will go is important. Take into account the size of the room, the layout, and other furniture in the same space. This will help you determine the right size and shape of sofa for your space. Corner sofas are a great way to either maximise your space, and avoid dead areas in smaller rooms . If you have a larger room making a strong statement with modern, bold coloured green, blue or black corner sofa positioned away from the walls can also be highly effective in making the room feel less open plan and create much more cosy living room to live in.

2: Colour & Materials

Think about the material and colour. Sofas are available in a wide range of materials, from leather and microfiber to cotton and linen. Each material has unique qualities, so it’s important to consider what will work best for your space and lifestyle. For example, leather sofas are incredibly popular for their durability and easy maintenance. At the same time, cotton and linen are more comfortable and breathable – whilst a velvet sofa offers a traditional classic look that’s hard to beat.

As for colour, consider the room’s overall colour scheme and choose a sofa that will complement it. Whilst bold colours can make a huge statement by far the most popular are natural beige or grey sofas – these are both great it allowing you to add a splash of colour in your room with coloured throws or cushions. With a neutral base they also enable the repainting of your walls  without worry of clashing of colour scheme in the future too.

3: Comfort

Consider the comfort level. A sofa is not just a piece of furniture – it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time relaxing and unwinding, so it’s important to choose one that is comfortable. Take the time to sit on the sofa and see how it feels. Pay attention to the cushions, the back support, and the overall comfort level. If you can, try the sofa out in your own home before deciding. And modern Chaise sofas, Loveseats & Snugglers are perfect for snuggling down into on that cold winters night!

4: Style

Think about the style. Sofas come in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Consider the overall style of your space and choose a sofa that will complement it. A sleek, minimalist sofa might be the right choice if you have a modern space. A classic, tufted sofa might be a better fit if you have a more traditional space.

5: Care

Don’t forget about maintenance. Finally, consider the maintenance and care requirements of the sofa. Some materials, like leather, are easy to clean and maintain. In contrast, others, like cotton and linen, may require more frequent cleaning and care. Think about how much time you are able to put into maintaining your sofa and choose a material that will fit your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, choosing the perfect sofa is a matter of considering the sofas size, material, color, comfort, style, and maintenance. Taking time to carefully consider your options, you will find a sofa that not only looks great in your space but also feels comfortable and fits your lifestyle.