Rustic Oak Squirrel Box

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Rustic Oak Squirrel Box... Our Rustic Oak Squirrel Box is a wooden shelter designed to provide nesting and shelter opportunities for squirrels in your local area! These boxes are made from oak wood, which is durable and resistant to all weather elements.  It should be mounted securely on a tree or pole, preferably at a height of 10 to 15 feet above the ground to avoid attracting unwanted predators.  Providing a suitable place for squirrels to nest can be an enjoyable way to observe these fascinating creatures in your garden! Dimensions:  Height: 31cm  Width: 23cm  Depth: 35cm Weight: 2.5kg

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Category: Root Catalog > Gfc Root Category > Accessories
Materials: Oak
Measurements: 35cm
Misc: Wood

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