Rustic Oak Lucca Chairs

From Oak Furniture Superstore

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The Lucca Painted Chair Collection is a stunning range of beautifully crafted solid hardwood dining chairs with modern floor length backrests and a choice of comfortable seat pads.

Our review of the Rustic Oak Lucca Chairs

I often worry about if what I buy for the house will look good. But when I saw this Rustic Oak Lucca Chairs with a great 31% discount I knew I couldn’t go wrong!

It’s not about money, except at the moment with rising prices for us ordinary people it really is. But good news! With a super low price of £110.00, you know you couldn't have got it any cheaper! Oak Furniture Superstore is one of those everlasting cool brands that everyone loves. They don’t even need to publicise most of their sales and so your amazing saving of £50 will be our secret!

They say you can only ever have 2 of the 3 things you want at any one time – so we want gorgeous things, great prices and reliable stores - guess what - with Oak Furniture Superstore we can have all 3!


Brand: Oak Furniture Superstore
Materials: Oak
Finish: Painted
Misc: Wood
Style: Modern

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