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Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker - medium The Medium Rice Cooker makes creating rice dishes effortless. Whether you're batch cooking, or rustling up a risotto for the family - you can Make up to 6 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 145 grams per serving). The Automatic Keep-Warm feature means you can help yourself to seconds, while the rice stays warm and ready to eat. And, once you're done, let the dishwasher take care of everything - thanks to the Dishwasher-Safe, Removable, Non-stick Bowl and Glass Lid. Serves up to 6 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 145 grams per serving) Need a big batch of rice to accompany your chilli con carne Maybe you're making a rice dish to impress, like Spanish paella The Medium Rice Cooker has you covered. Making up to 6 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 145 grams per serving) - it's the perfect size to feed the family, or entertain your favourite friends. Automatic Keep-Warm The Automatic Keep-Warm Function on the Medium Rice Cook

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So in a dream we saw a beautiful Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker - Medium that was perfect for what we wanted! And we came hunting on the internet and found it with this 26% discount off! Thank you karma!

We think this price of £29.00 is so good we might actually buy more than one! We love Russell Hobbs as much as we love walks on the beach and surprise presents! With a saving of £10, we don’t even have to wait for a loved one to buy this for us, we can afford it ourselves.

Honestly, with as the stockist, at this price, what are you waiting for!


Category: Home & Garden > Kitchen > Cookware & Utensils
Brand: Russell Hobbs
Misc: Glass
Size: Medium

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