Casper Pillow Superking Pillow Size

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Soft, snuggly and supportive, the Casper Pillow features a unique pillow-in-pillow design for ultimate comfort. Crafted from not one but two pillows, the Casper Pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions. The inner pillow provides great support for your head and neck, whilst the outer pillow is blissfully soft and fluffy. It's all wrapped in a 100% cotton cover for cooling freshness, and can be machine washed for that just-like-new feeling. Enjoy it sooner with Free Next Day Delivery!

Our review of the Casper Pillow Superking Pillow Size

If you’ve been searching for something like this for a while, we think Casper Pillow Superking Pillow Size will tick most of your boxes.

When you think about price per use, this price of £75.00 becomes even more interesting! If you want to upgrade without costing the earth, then Casper is a fantastic place to find yourself in.

In addition we think it is worth noting that Mattress Online have been fab with our items, no complaints from us!


Category: Beds
Brand: Casper
Misc: Cotton

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