Cascade Wall Bedroom Mirror In Silver Leaf Frame

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An array of silver iron feathers forms a border around this mirror's rectangular frame. FEATURES : Material : Tempered Glass, Iron Finish : Clear, Silver The Cascade wall mirror's reflective surface is surrounded by a frame made from slim iron It's angular design is counterpointed by the series of iron leaves, each one boasting a raised central midrib that accentuates It's undulating form The silver finish makes it suitable for coordinating with warm metallic lighting and tables Display it landscape or portrait Available at an affordable price Images shown are for illustration purpose only DIMENSIONS : Height : 121cm Width : 91cm Depth : 5cm

Our review of the Cascade Wall Bedroom Mirror In Silver Leaf Frame

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We are loving this new discounted price of £189.95! It’s as simple as that! Who on earth can turn down such a large a saving of £152 from Furniture in Fashion?!

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Category: Bedroom Mirrors
Brand: Furniture in Fashion
Colours: Silver
Materials: Silver
Misc: Glass

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