Cascade Map Painting Wooden Wall Art In Natural Frame

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A highly decorative wall map that adds stately study style to It's surroundings. FEATURES : Material : MDF, Paper, Fir Wood Finish : Natural A reproduction of the work of the celebrated seventeenth century cartographer Nicola Fischer, the map features dramatic scenes from classical mythology in each corner Four spheres depicting global land mass give the piece a symmetrical look, while the sepia coloring lends it an antique character The frame is made from natural fir wood, with beveled edges that give it depth Available at an affordable price Images shown are for illustration purpose only DIMENSIONS : Height : 110cm Width : 124cm Depth : 3cm

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Category: Wooden Framed Wall Arts
Brand: Furniture in Fashion
Colours: Natural
Measurements: 110cm
Misc: Wood
Shape: Corner
Style: Antique

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