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Giltedge Beds Hibernate 1000 Divan Bed

Store: Bed Star Ltd

Category: Highsleeper

Brand: Giltedge Beds

It's all about sleep quality not quantity! Its true! were still saying you need a certain amount of sleep every night! but we need to focus on the quality of that sleep! If your body is not relaxed enough during your sleep cycles then your not getting the full regenerative benefits that only DEEPER SLEEP offers. Imagine been really hungry and when you sit down at the dinner table, although your there for hours, you've only managed to pick at a few crumbs before your plate it taken away, Still gonna be hungry? of course you are!! Well sleep works in the same way, if we don't allow our body and minds to fully replenish the energy they need, then we wake up still feeling tired and subsequently lack energy throughout the day as our bodies play catchup! A Revolution In The Way We Sleep The Hibernate mattress has been totally designed and manufactured to improve our quality of sleep! The real purpose of sleep is to put our bodies and minds into such a
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