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Giltedge Beds Gel Comfort 6ft Superking Mattress

Store: Bed Star Ltd

Category: Mattress

Brand: Giltedge Beds

Mattress Technically advanced Flotech Memory Gel top layer with body moulding qualities which significantly reduces movement during sleep Open coil spring support with a 12.5 gauge firmer wire support Reflex foam layer for extra support Body cooling mattress surface Stress-free stretch-knit cover to encourage less movement while sleeping Medium to firm feel Mattress Handles Vents for improved air circulation Why Memory Gel? 1. Unique Comfort Gel memory foam is still memory foam, which means that it has that signature plush feel. Just like traditional memory foam, gel foam resists motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns during the night, then you’ll still be able to sleep soundly without being disturbed. Gel memory foam is just as comfortable and reliable as regular memory foam. 2. Better Air Circulation What really makes gel memory foam different from regular memory foam is how it’s made. During the foam-making process, the memory f
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