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Breasley Flexcell Pocket 1200 Mattress

Store: Bed Star Ltd

Category: Headboard

Brand: Breasley

Bringing together the amazing moulding characteristics of memory foam and 1200 pocket springs this revolutionary mattress will provide you with the ultimate comfort and support. Individual pocket springs work in conjunction with memory foam to adjust and contour to your individual shape and weight, minimising movement during sleep and so enhancing maximum rest.The combination of Visco-elastic memory foam and pocket springs truly is ‘the best of both worlds’ 37 Degrees This treatment on the mattress ticking is to keep the sleeping environment at the optimum temperature, being the 37°C comfort zone. The key function is the hydrophilic properties of the textile. These properties work towards a perfect climate and moisture management Excess moisture is absorbed to prevent body hypothermia The textile releases moisture to the body to maintain the necessary cooling effect Due to this moisture management the sleeping body is continuously kept
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